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Startups in San Diego

The startup community in San Diego is hard. I don’t mean this as a woeful cry, but as an admission of an uphill battle.

San Diego is no Philadelphia, Boston, Boulder, or San Francisco.  It almost seems like the people in San Diego made their fortune, and now they’re out surfing.  Don’t get me wrong: I think enjoying life is fantastic, and I intend to do the same.  But at some point, the entrepreneurs in other startup cultures came back and started reinvesting in the local community in time and money.

Having a great idea is cool; but any idea needs nurturing: a culture of feedback and commonality of purpose. Here’s to working in San Diego, you entrepreneurs.  Here’s to you.  Let’s make San Diego a better place!

Live CSS Editing

If you code CSS like I do, you’re spending way too much time in Chrome’s Developer Tools pushing the up-and-down arrow keys.  The problem is that when you’ve changed a thousand styles, and you’re just starting to feel good about what you’ve accomplished today, your pesky fingers kick the Cmd+R combo and voila! your changes are gone.  Congratulations!

My first inkling was to try out a web service.  I quickly found sites like ScratchPad and CSSizer, and JSFiddle.  These guys are awesome, no doubt, but I’m lazy.  I don’t want to have to copy-pasta my code everywhere!

So I turned to proprietary apps, like the $60 Stylizer.   They’ve been taking the Windows side by storm, but I wasn’t impressed by the Mac side.

Then, this fantastic blog told me about a magical place in Google Chrome that saves your editing history for stylesheets.  Chrome’s Help pages even outlined it.  Sadly, that feature is either from a particular build (that blog post was from 2 years ago) or has since been broken.

So… Coda it is!  Coda provides a way to preview CSS changes realtime.  My only gripe so far has been that if you edit a CSS document that contains an @import statement, the @import is ignored! Sad day, but easy enough to work around for now!